A Few 50th Birthday Party Ideas To Consider

50th-birthday-party-ideasAs a professional magician for over 2 decades I have been invited to perform as lots of 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties. Consequently,  I’ve seen a lot of things that made the party fun and memorable. 

50th Birthday Party Ideas:

  • Theme: Themes are great, especially when based on something important to the birthday person. I’ve seen lots of themes including, Sailing, Golf, Jimmy Buffet, Horses, Black and White, Flower Power, Casino Night, Arabian Nights, Magical Nights and more. Think about things important to your birthday mom/dad or grandparent and dream a bit. If nothing else it is a good exploration and may end up as the basis of a great party. 
  • Food and Drink: A party is supposed to be enjoyed by all, including the host. Too many spouses get stuck behind the scenes never enjoying the party or experiencing the joy of celebrating the ones they love. Catering is obviously a good way to hand off much of the work, yet sometimes not in the budget. In such cases, try arranging help with set-up, tear-down and especially clean-up. Best of all, workers at your favorite restaurants are looking for side work and have the expertise to help without much supervision.

Live Entertainment Makes a 50th Birthday Party Memorable

  • Entertainment: Naturally, I would love to add magic to your party and that might not be appropriate depending on your theme and the passions of the birthday person. However, live entertainment does add something very special.

    • A strong interactive piano or guitar player will jazz up a party
    • Tarot readers spark the imagination. The downside is they can only entertain 8 or so people per hour. 
    • Live music or a DJ is always a hit, especially if the theme and budget supports it.
    • PowerPoint/Prezi slide presentation featuring old photos, news-clips and stories about the birthday person adds a great touch of warmth and intimacy. Get pictures and short stories from guests and family members. A friend or family member with good software skills will make the job easy. 
    • Fake Newspapers are darn fun too. It so easy, Just Google “Fake Newspaper.”

    • Gene Urban… the Magic Guy. Since I am the author of this post, I get to put in a plug. I love performing at adult birthday parties. It is a happy time and I believe magic adds something very special. Guests enjoy the special attention and often say it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a party. Enough of the sales message, just know I’d be honored to make fun, magic and memories at your party.

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Gifts:  I interact with lots of guests at parties. They tell me things they won’t tell the host. Most say they do not like a “no gifts” rule. Many want to give something to help celebrate/honor their friend.

As you know, there are a lot of ways to make a 50th birthday party fun and memorable. I have no doubt yours will be one of them.

Gene Urban… the magic guy

Your presentation for Court’s birthday was perfect! Everyone was in awe of your skill and the thank you notes included rave reviews. It must be satisfying to bring such joy to others.

Pat and Court

Pat and Court

50th birthday party ideas magic
50th birthday party entertainment by Gene Urban
50th birthday party entertainment Santa Barbara CA

Over and over I’m hearing “that magician was fantastic! Where did you find him? Thanks so much for making the trek and the great job.

Shari Britt

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