It is easy to come up with entertainment ideas for a children’s party,but what about adult party entertainment? Let’s explore some ideas internationally renown magician Gene Urban has see as the 1000’s of events he’s performed.

Gene Urban here. Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. I hope to offer some great adult party entertainment ideas for you to ponder. Naturally, I’d love to appear at your party and make magic happen. Although exceptional close-up magic seems to fit most parties, other ideas are certainly worth considering. Below are a few from the 1000’s of corporate events and parties I’ve had the honor of attending.

Our List of 8 Best Adult Party Entertainment Ideas

adult party entertainment ideasDJ, Band or Ensemble: Great music is hard to beat. You can theme the music to the party… western, beach, formal and others. Besides a strong entertainer, sound levels need to be considered. Quite, background in the beginning and building as the party warrants.

Tarot Card Reader: People love to have someone read their future… probably the curiosity thing combined with hope for something wonderful. I’d suggest you don’t have this as the stand alone entertainment as a good reader generally takes  8-10 minutes with each guest so only 6-7 or people an hour get this special treatment.

adult party entertainment magicClose Up or Strolling Magic and Mentalism: You knew I’d have to put a pitch in for my craft. There’s a reason a pass to the Magic Castle is a treasured item and why magic has been a top drawn in Las Vegas for decades. People love the mysterious and impossible. My performance combines unimaginable feats of magic and mentalism with something very unusual. I don’t perform all the impossibilities, your guest do! It’s no accident I keep getting re-booked for people’s parties, Guests are make to feel powerful and special and as the host your choice is the reason.

More Adult Party Entertainment Ideas

Caricature Artist: Live artists are rare and a treat. Like tarot readers they can only sketch a few people per hour so they are best when combined with other happenings.

belly-dancers-30aDancers: Unusual live entertainment is great fun. Dancers add energy and merriment to a party. A great pick me up about 1/2 way through the party. Being close to LA means lots of dance options from Hip Hop to Belly.

Poetry or Book Readings: Well delivered verse can add intimacy to an evening. It certainly is not something one sees often and adds value to the conversations that follow. The reader has to be lively, strong and personable. Make sure you see them work in advance and review the readings. .

Casino Games: Not sure is I consider this “true entertainment”, yet it can be a wonderful addition to a party. You can wrap an entire party about a poker tournament or just have a blackjack table or two. Do think about your guest list, some people do not like to gamble.

adult party entertainment Cirque Style Performers: This is one of those “don’t see that at every party” ideas. This often takes some staging and perhaps lighting to be effective, yet in the situation it is quite wonderful.

Final Thoughts on adult party entertainment ideas:

Entertainment adds much to a party. It helps by adding energy and interest to the festivities. Don’t be afraid to be a bit edgy. The unexpected can be quite wonderful.

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