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Having a party or event in Santa Ynez? Whether it is private party in your home or an event at one of Santa Ynez’s superb wineries, you want your guests to have a memorable experience. One of the ways to insure success is unexpected party entertainment like Magic Castle magician, Gene Urban.

Gene Urban is the real deal. My friend Muhammad Ali was simply wowed by him. I love to share his talents at my parties; he is always a hit. Nick Lowery, NFL Hall of Fame, Lowery Foundation

Party Entertainment in Santa Ynez Can Be Magic

Gene’s magic is a great choice no matter the type of party you are hosting. Celebrating a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday? Gene will mingle with your guests, helping them to feel special and wowing them with the amazing close-up magic and mind-reading guests at the Magic Castle relish.

wedding party entertainment montecitoPerhaps you are hosting a wedding reception. What else could be better than astounding magic during a party celebrating the magic of love? It’s understandable why top wedding planners call on him to add unexpected wonder during their client’s special day. Read more about Gene’s wedding reception magic.

Gene was fantastic. Our guests were surprised and delighted. Gene is a pleasure to work with and we would happily recommend him to others. Thank you Gene. Glen L., Los Olivos

Maybe you are planning an anniversary get-together or client appreciation party? Gene’s magic is all about connecting with people and celebrating life’s wonders. His stellar magic and mentalism are always a hit. You’ll find out when your guests ask, “Where did you get the magician? He was fantastic!”

What does Gene Urban do at a Party?

corporate event magic santa barbaraThe phenomenal thing about Gene Urban is his versatility and warmth. He mingles among the guests adding moments of wonder. He performs for people seated at tables or while standing. He moves around looking for opportunities to add to your guest’s experience. Party hosts say “it is so much fun watching our friend’s reactions.”

Some clients want Gene to perform in front of the entire group too. Gene’s stand-up show is perfect for mostly adult parties in the 25-60 guest range.

How Do I Hire Magician Gene Urban

Call and talk to Gene Urban about your upcoming event today at 805-729-8459 or email using the form below.

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Thanks for finding me on Yelp. I am so excited about helping make your party or event even more amazing. Your guests are going to have a great time experiencing incredible magic they may have only seen on TV.

 When you fill out the form below, please provide as much detail about your party as possible: date, location, number of guests and type of the event; this helps me help you. I have a simple goal… delight you beyond your expectations.

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I’ll get back to you quickly and we’ll be on the way to maling your party, event or wedding reception fun and memorable. If you’d prefer to call or email, call 805-729-8459 or email at

Gene is ready to make magic happen for you. Contact him now!

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Dear Gene. We can’t say enough about what you added to our daughter’s wedding. We didn’t know how to fill the time between the wedding and reception and you were simply amazing. Our friends can’t stop talking about you and we can’t wait to have another party so we can bring you back.  Bob & Shari B.

Bob & Shari Britt

Bride's Parents, Britt Lumber

Your show was compelling, captivating and truly a marvel. Everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable holiday parties they have ever attended.

Donna Edwards

Administrative Manager, Microsoft

Gene Urban is simply the best magician I’ve ever seen and a good man too. I promise you will not be disappointed when you book him,

Nick Lowery

NFL All Pro, Hall of Fame Player, Nick Lowery Foundation

Gene has been the primary magician/mentalist to my entertainment agency for over 20 years. Gene’s abilities are unmatched. He is one of the most skilled sleight-of hand-artists and mentalists I’ve ever seen and his shows never fail to keep guests awed and mystified. He is an event planner’s dream!

Lou Baskin

President, SRO Entertainment

You have made a believer out of me. I had never used a magician for one of our weddings before, however, the groom was quite insistent we include you;  Now I know why. Your warmth, charm and amazing magic was a fine addition to the evening.


Wedding Planner, Santa Barbara

From one business person to another hiring Gene Urban for a function will be wise investment. Gene performed at our Mangagement Forum and left a lasting impression o. every one. He is the real thing and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to make their event a memorable one.

Marc Calderwood

President, Carson Travel Network/Rio Grande

Adult Party Entertainment Santa Barbara-Ventura

It is easy to come up with entertainment ideas for a children’s party,but what about adult party entertainment? Let’s explore some ideas internationally renown magician Gene Urban has see as the 1000’s of events he’s performed.

Gene Urban here. Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. I hope to offer some great adult party entertainment ideas for you to ponder. Naturally, I’d love to appear at your party and make magic happen. Although exceptional close-up magic seems to fit most parties, other ideas are certainly worth considering. Below are a few from the 1000’s of corporate events and parties I’ve had the honor of attending.

Our List of 8 Best Adult Party Entertainment Ideas

adult party entertainment ideasDJ, Band or Ensemble: Great music is hard to beat. You can theme the music to the party… western, beach, formal and others. Besides a strong entertainer, sound levels need to be considered. Quite, background in the beginning and building as the party warrants.

Tarot Card Reader: People love to have someone read their future… probably the curiosity thing combined with hope for something wonderful. I’d suggest you don’t have this as the stand alone entertainment as a good reader generally takes  8-10 minutes with each guest so only 6-7 or people an hour get this special treatment.

adult party entertainment magicClose Up or Strolling Magic and Mentalism: You knew I’d have to put a pitch in for my craft. There’s a reason a pass to the Magic Castle is a treasured item and why magic has been a top drawn in Las Vegas for decades. People love the mysterious and impossible. My performance combines unimaginable feats of magic and mentalism with something very unusual. I don’t perform all the impossibilities, your guest do! It’s no accident I keep getting re-booked for people’s parties, Guests are make to feel powerful and special and as the host your choice is the reason.

More Adult Party Entertainment Ideas

Caricature Artist: Live artists are rare and a treat. Like tarot readers they can only sketch a few people per hour so they are best when combined with other happenings.

belly-dancers-30aDancers: Unusual live entertainment is great fun. Dancers add energy and merriment to a party. A great pick me up about 1/2 way through the party. Being close to LA means lots of dance options from Hip Hop to Belly.

Poetry or Book Readings: Well delivered verse can add intimacy to an evening. It certainly is not something one sees often and adds value to the conversations that follow. The reader has to be lively, strong and personable. Make sure you see them work in advance and review the readings. .

Casino Games: Not sure is I consider this “true entertainment”, yet it can be a wonderful addition to a party. You can wrap an entire party about a poker tournament or just have a blackjack table or two. Do think about your guest list, some people do not like to gamble.

adult party entertainment Cirque Style Performers: This is one of those “don’t see that at every party” ideas. This often takes some staging and perhaps lighting to be effective, yet in the situation it is quite wonderful.

Final Thoughts on adult party entertainment ideas:

Entertainment adds much to a party. It helps by adding energy and interest to the festivities. Don’t be afraid to be a bit edgy. The unexpected can be quite wonderful.

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amazing adult party entertainment is magic

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Awesome 40th Birthday Party Ideas Santa Barbara Ventura

40th birthday party ideas Santa Barbara. VenturaIf you’re here you are probably looking for some awesome 40th birthday party ideas. Our writer, Gene Urban, is a world class magician who has performed at 100’s of adult birthday celebrations. He has performed at spectacular events like Pavarotti birthday as well as quiet family gatherings. Today he’d like to share ideas and thoughts with you. First, the thoughts:

Thanks for stopping by. One of the elements that seems to make a milestone birthday party special is simple. The best celebrations focus on what delights the birthday person. It is often based on memories and likes from his or her teens to early 20’s. I’d recommend finding things that delight the celebrant or fulfill an untapped wish.

Amazing 40th Birthday Party Ideas: 

awsome 40th birthday party ideasSurprise Trip:

This was a great 40th birthday party idea. My client, Brad, surprised his wife with a 4 day trip to New York City for her birthday. He hosted a cocktail birthday party with friends on Friday early evening. All seemed like a normal birthday party until I magically produced 2 airline tickets for the following morning. She was completely surprised. A great touch was the cocktail party had a NY theme complete with a poster for the Broadway show Brad had bought tickets.

awsome 40th birthday party ideas beach partyBeach Party: 

Since so many people love hanging out at the beach, a beach side birthday party is a natural in the Santa Barbara area. The birthday man was treated to a fine afternoon at Leadbetters. His wife rented a couple kayaks and a friend had a Hobie Cat. I was there to add some strolling magic for the guests who weren’t into water activities. A nice trop rock music mix and great catered BBQ added to the fun and kept things simple for everyone. BTW: There are lots of outdoor opportunities and many require a reservation. Here is a link to the site where you can check things out.

awsome 40th birthday ideasLas Vegas Theme:

A Las Vegas themed party is always a hit. Part of the allure is the many directions the event can take. Most any kind of music and entertainment is plausible. My client’s husband, Mike, loves to play blackjack and craps so this was a perfect party choice. She brought in 2 casino games, a DJ spinning 80’s music (her husbands fav), me adding a bit of fun & magic and some themed decor. The guests were encouraged to dress up Las Vegas style too. Yes, it was a success and the Mike really appreciated the attention to details that meant things to him.

amazing 40th birthday party ideas charityCharity Birthday:

I’ve only been to one birthday party like this one. Richard and his wife have always given back to the community. So, when it was time to celebrate his milestone 50th she thought to make the birthday bash a fundraiser for one of their favorite causes. To keep things on course and easy they simply asked the guests to make a donation instead of bringing a gift or wine. The charity helped plan and execute the party so the couple got some help with the evening… a true win-win.

great adult birthday party ideasWine Party:

Amazing 40th birthday parties revolving around a wine theme can be great fun, I’ve seen a few iterations on this theme. Some host the party at one of the Santa Ynez area wineries while others bring a sommelier in from one of the wine stores like the Winehound or a local winery into their home. Learning about wine is always popular a wonderful way to encourage intimacy and conversations. Plus, the cheese and other food pairings can’t help but be a hit.

the best 40th birthday party ideasAstrological Party with Outdoor Dinner:

I’ve been to a few adult birthday parties and several corporate events where they combined star gazing with dinner at a remote location. Places like the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History have experts who may be able to help. I’ve performed strolling magic at these gatherings adding texture to the event and have seen fortune tellers too. 

Book Gene For Your Party

The Most Magical Magician is Gene Urban…if you ever want to experience the finest magic CLOSE UP, hire Gene!

Nick Lowery

NFL Hall of Fame Member , Nick Lowery Foundation

We saw Gene perform at a friend’s party and had him come to ours. In a word, he is simply the best. Our guests kept asking where we found the Magic Guy. We highly recommend him.

David Shell

IT Professional

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Stellar 60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th-birthday-party-ideas-Santa-Barbara-CAGreat 60th Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a 60th birthday party is both fun and a LOT of work.  Lots of people look online for 60th birthday party ideas. There is a lot of info out there to help you plan a great milestone birthday celebration.

As a professional magician for over 3 decades I’ve been to a lot of parties… some extravagant and some very sweet and simple. I’ve seen a variety of 60 birthday party ideas brought together to make the affair special.

Magic Helps Make A Party Memorable

I had the honor to perform at the 50th birthday event for Luciano Pavorotti.  It was a stellar celebration held at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Heck it was Pavarotti! Other parties like hotelier Wm. Marriot’s birthday event was a smaller gathering of mostly family. He deeply loves his clan. Most of the time the parties are as woderous as budget, venue and time allow.

60th birthday party ideas list

             Some parties are sweet and casual

Below are a few 60th birthday party ideas that seem to work well for most any party.

Slideshow pictures of the birthday person.  Some people project this on a big screen during the end of the entre portion of dinner while others have it set up to show on their wide screen TV where people can look at their leisure.

A graffiti wall where guests can write well-wishes is fun. Usually this is done by putting thick white paper on a wall and having a variety of colored pens laid out. Make sure the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper.

50th birthday party magic

Gene helping a man enjoy his day.

Entertainment helps bond the party. Naturally, I think close-up magic is among the best. It is one of the few types of entertainment that is mobile, interactive and ties into the magical moment of a milestone birthday. Music is also great. I’ve been to Jimmy Buffet themed parties, Jazz parties and one with a portion of the New York Philharmonic. I’d caution against loud music throughout the party. It simply makes conversation difficult and can impact the intimacy of such a significant gathering.

Pictures are important. A professional photographer can be lots of fun and   guaranty special friends and moments are captured. Make sure the photographer makes the pictures available to guests online after the party. You can also ask guests to upload their peronal shots to a Pinterest board, Instagram or share them on Facebook. A custom hashtag will help you find the photos after the party. Have your kids help, they better understand the online world than most adults.

Some Parties Are Amazing Productions

        Some Parties Are Amazing Productions

Huffington Post had a great article by a New York based event planner. Lots of food for thought from party guru Maya Kalamn here.

I sincerely hope this post has given you some food for thought as you search out great 60th birthday party ideas. If you’d like to add magic to your party, I’d be honored. I am based in Santa Barbara, CA and happy to travel where you need.

Gene Urban

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