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Corporate Entertainment In Goleta

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Corporate Entertainment in Goleta

Are you planning a corporate event and looking for the best corporate entertainment in Goleta? You probably want something most everyone will enjoy and remember. Perhaps something exciting, entertaining and unexpected. We have a fantastic solution.

Fabulous Corporate Entertainment in Goleta Is Magic

corporate entertainment in goletaOne form of corporate entertainment is proven to be loved by attendees and guest is magic and Goleta has an award winning corporate oriented magician ready to make magic happen at your event.

His name is Gene Urban. You may not know him as he spent much of career based in Scottsdale Arizona. After attending UCSB, Gene always wanted to come back to the area. Two years ago that happened, giving the central coast a local, seasoned corporate oriented entertainer.

Gene specializes in magic and mentalism at business and other adult-focused functions. His work has taken him to 22 countries and events for many top companies including:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Siemens
  • HP
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Pfizer and so many others

What Type of Corporate Entertainment in Goleta Does Gene Urban Offer?

Gene offers a variety of entertainment and speaking options for your specific needs. Below are a few:

Close-Up or Strolling Magic. Gene is a performing member of the Magic Castle. His close-up magic is described as “unbelievable,” “scary good,” “the best I have ever seen,” and “warm and engaging.” He combines appealing magic and mind-reading in a special way. In his show, guests are often the ones seemingly performing the miracles. They feel great being the stars and this is why Gene calls his style, empowerment magic. Read more close-up magic here.

Motivational Stage Magic. Gene has an exceptional reputation for blending magic and mind-ready with powerful messages. Compelling entertainment is about creating connections and engagement, the very things successful managers and sales associates must do.

Gene will custom script his presentation to address areas you feel will benefit your staff and management. Since the performance includes stunning magic, your people will be entertained and taught valuable information. Gene calls it EnterTrainment.

presentation skills training at LMU

Gene Urban teaching at LMU.

Presentation Skills Training: It is likely you are surprised to see this category of EnterTrainment. Don’t be. For much of Gene’s career, he worked as a trade show presenter. Companies including Leucent Technologies, Southern Bell Corporation, Black & Decker and others have called on Gene to be the face of their businesses at trade shows and product launches.

Gene has delivered nearly 10,000 messages at hundreds of trade shows and events. Gene is a seasoned presenter with skills few can match. His presentation skills training will take your people to new heights of performance. Read more about it here.

How Do I Hire Gene Urban For My Event?

Call Gene Urban at 805-729-8429 to discuss your event and needs or use the form below. He will talk to you about your goals and help create a program to match. Simply stated, he wants to make magic happen for you.

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Party Entertainment in Goleta

Great Parties Start With Exceptional Entertainment

Let's Make Magic Happen at Yours

Party Entertainment in Goleta Amazing Party Entertainment in Goleta

Hosting a party or corporate event in Goleta? It can be exciting and a bit stressful. You want Party Entertainment in Goleta your guests will rave about. One of the ways to guarantee success is to do something surprising and magician Gene Urban does just that.

Read what others say about Gene Urban, an accomplished member of Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

Thank you for coming through with flying colors and we look forward to working with you again in the future. – Merck Pharmaceuticals

Over and Over again I keep hearing, “the party was beautiful, and that magician was fantastic”, “where did you find the magician, he was great.” Thanks for all you did to make it a great day. Bob & Shari

Party Entertainment in Goleta Can Be Magic

Gene Urban’s magic is a hit, no matter what type of event you are hosting. Celebrating an adult birthday celebration? Gene will mingle with your guests, helping them to feel special and wowing them with amazing magic and mind-reading.

Perhaps you are hosting a business event, and you need corporate entertainment. Gene has performed at meetings, hospitality parties, trade shows, product launches, employee appreciation parties for clients around the world. He will help make your corporate event very memorable.

We are still talking about the creativity of your show and the extraordinary power or influence you had over the audience. – Microsoft Corporation

Party Entertainment in Goleta Maybe you are planning an anniversary party or wedding reception? Gene’s magic is all about connecting with people and celebrating life’s wonders. His party entertainment is always a great addition as party-givers find out when their guests ask them, “Where did you get the magician? He was fantastic!”

What does magician Gene Urban do at a party?

The great thing about Gene Urban is his versatility. In general, he mixes with the guests adding magic to the moment. He will be your magical host, visiting guests at their tables or while standing in groups. He moves around looking for openings to add to your guest’s experience with amazing close up magic and awesome feats of mentalism.

Sometimes people want Gene to perform in front of the entire group. He does this with ease. He can combine both strolling magic with a stand-up show. In both arrangements, there is lots of audience participation, laughter, and awe.

How Do I Hire Gene Urban For My Party?

Gene can be reached 805-729-8459 or by using the form below. He will ask you important questions about your party or event to ensure he provides exactly what you want.

Don’t wait, contact Gene today and make magic happen.

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Best Magician in Santa Barbara

Who is the Best Magician?

Are you looking for the best magician in Santa Barbara California? The answer to that question depends on what type of party or event you are hosting. Santa Barbara magician Gene Urban is an excellent choice for a variety of celebrations including:

  • Adult Parties
    • 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday Parties
    • Holiday Party
    • Wedding Receptions
    • Gala Events
    • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
    • Business Open House
    • Trade Shows
    • Sales Meetings
    • Conferences
    • Executive Retreats
    • Business Dinners
    • Incentive Travel
    • Hospitality Parties

Gene Urban specializes in magic for mostly adult audiences. As you can imagine, the magic that intrigues and entertains adults is a bit different than what amuses a 10-year-old. Let’s have Gene explain it himself:

My career has been spent performing at corporate events, trade shows, wedding receptions, adult birthday parties, gala fundraisers and sales meetings.

Twenty plus years ago I chose this path for my work. It’s not that I can’t do tricks children enjoy. I often have kids at the private parties I work. It is simply the lions share of my effects and comedy are geared towards adults and business audiences. I always felt it best to do what you do very well verses trying to be a one size fits all performer.

What Type of Magic Does Gene Urban Perform?

Gene is known internationally for a variety of magical entertainment including:

Close Up Magic… magic performed with a variety of items including cards, coins, rings and items lying about on tables or in guest’s pockets. Gene is known worldwide for his unusual take on close up magic. In his work, your guests and friends perform much of the magic. Really!

Close-Up Mentalism… a bit of mind reading mixed in with lots of unusual happenings that are difficult to explain. Let’s just say; Gene will bend your guests sense of reality.

Stand-up Magic and Mentalism… Gene offers an intimate (AKA Parlour) show designed for small audiences of 90 or less. It is ideal for after dinner entertainment at a corporate event.

Trade Show Magic… Trade show managers often say Magic is the most useful tool for gathering crowds at a trade show. Gene has performed at over 300 trade shows and is well versed in drawing attention to a client’s booth and skillfully delivering a professional sales or product message.

Motivational Magic… If you are looking to spice up your sales meeting with something besides a typical speaker, Gene Urban is the best magician in Santa Barbara as well as much of the nation for this task. He combines great magic with a message that will keep your attendee’s attention and interest.

If you are looking for the best magician in Santa Barbara for your adult party, business event or wedding reception you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit Gene’s Testimonial and Client page, check him out on Yelp or Gigmasters or the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce or The Academy of Magical Arts (AKA The Magic Castle.)

Contact Gene Urban today at 805-729-8459 or

best magician in santa barbara
gene urban is the best magician in santa barbara

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Trade Show Magician – Trade Show Magic

trade show magician and trade show magic is Gene Urban

goal without plan is just wishTrade Show Magician Makes Magic Happen

The goals when attending a trade show are simple.

  1. Attract the largest audience possible.
  2. Professionally deliver your message.
  3. Deepen brand/product awareness.
  4. Bring home as many qualified leads as possible.

This is precisely what trade show magician Gene Urban has been doing for over 2 decades.

What is a Trade Show Magician?

If you have attended a number of trade show events you have probably viewed a magician at someone’s booth. This performer may have been a true trade show magician or a magician simply performing tricks in a booth. There is a big difference.

Sales Lead 3D cube Word Cloud ConceptA skilled trade show magician has probably held jobs in sales and/or marketing while honing his magic skills. A true trade show magician understands terms such as:

  • Benefit Analysis
  • Brand Awareness
  • Buying Signals
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Lead Gen
  • Lead Qualification
  • Positioning Statement
  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

An effective trade show magician understands he or she is part of your sales and marketing team. His job is…

  • Accurately deliver product and company information.
  • Consciously represent the company’s brand to the public.
  • Deepen brand/product awareness.
  • Draw every possible attendee to the client’s booth.
  • Help capture as many qualified leads as possible.
  • Help the staff identify potential clients.
  • Insure guests leave the booth having had a great experience.

You may have noticed nothing was mentioned about magic. A great trade show magician uses magic as a tool or vehicle to help clients achieve their trade show goals. The fact is, magic has proven to be one of the best ways to make trade show success happen.

Read what a few experts say:

One thing that really draws a crowd is a crowd. If you want to build a small crowd that grows larger, consider hiring a magician for your booth and see how magic works on people. It is irresistible. The Trade Show Advisor

Live demonstrations and entertainment are the most effective methods for attracting booth visitors in an exhibition hall. Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

What Sets Trade Show Magician Gene Urban Apart.

Gene Urban brings a significant sales and marketing background to the trade show floor while utilizing exceptional magic and mentalism to make the experience special.

What does this statement really mean? Gene Urban walks his talk… literally.

  1. He worked his way up the ladder from sales associate to V.P of Sales at two companies.
  2. He was the C.O.O of an ad agency.
  3. He has been a sales trainer in both the tech and real estate sectors.
  4. He currently consults with several firms on online marketing and lead conversion.

The magic side of the trade show magician equation:

  • Gene has performed at well over 1500 corporate events in 21 countries.
  • Gene has performed close to 10,000 shows in over 100 client booths. Experience matters.
  • He is a performing member of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, CA.
  • He is an author and teacher to others in the magic industry.
  • His warm, personal performance style never feels canned and always generates trust and interest.

What Kind of Trade Show Magic Is Best with Gene Urban?

Gene is able to perform in a variety of formats. Often he draws crowds from behind a small table or podium catching the attention of attendees who normally might not stop at a small booth. In addition, he combines magic and messaging in theater style venues within large trade show booths.

Today, his favorite style is providing trade show magic at smaller regional or local shows where magicians are a rarity and clients strongly benefit from his work.

trade show magician Gene UrbanAre you looking to…

  • Draw more people to your booth?
  • Create deeper brand awareness?
  • Gather more qualified leads?
  • Stand out from other exhibitors and your competitors?

The next step to greater trade show success is simple. Contact Gene Urban today and see how he can help you achieve your trade show goals. Simply use the form provided or call us at 805-729-8459

The high level of expertise you demonstrated in both your magic presentation and
knowledge of our products was pretty amazing!
I am very pleased with the attention you attracted to our booth and the effortless way
in which you steered prospects toward our sales personnel. Your attitude was an
excellent reflection of the professional yet friendly spirit of the Gans Ink & Supply
Michelle Severance

Marketing Manager, Gans Ink and Supply

Well, you were a hit! Everyone, including senior management, felt you were
an excellent magician and that you worked the crowds well. In fact, our leads
increased at this show by 35%!
Ruth Siegel

MARCOM, Hypercom, Inc

The new technology of the Axxess Precision Key Duplication System, coupled
with your incredible talent for drawing qualified prospects into our booth, made
for one of the most successful Trade Shows I have ever been involved in. Our
success was even beyond our wildest expectations!

My thanks and my compliments, for holding us and our prospective customers, in
the palms of your very skillful hands ! You can consider yourself the” Axxess
Staff Prestidigitator” at the upcoming Hardware Show in August and any other
future Trade Shows we will be participating in.

Ray Duane

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Axxess Technologies, A Hillman Group Company

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book magician gene urban

     Book Yelp Magician Gene Urban Now

Thanks for finding me on Yelp. I am so excited about helping make your party or event even more amazing. Your guests are going to have a great time experiencing incredible magic they may have only seen on TV.

 When you fill out the form below, please provide as much detail about your party as possible: date, location, number of guests and type of the event; this helps me help you. I have a simple goal… delight you beyond your expectations.

It’s Easy To Book Premeier Yelp Magician Gene Urban

I’ll get back to you quickly and we’ll be on the way to maling your party, event or wedding reception fun and memorable. If you’d prefer to call or email, call 805-729-8459 or email at

Gene is ready to make magic happen for you. Contact him now!

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Yelp magician gene urban

Dear Gene. We can’t say enough about what you added to our daughter’s wedding. We didn’t know how to fill the time between the wedding and reception and you were simply amazing. Our friends can’t stop talking about you and we can’t wait to have another party so we can bring you back.  Bob & Shari B.

Bob & Shari Britt

Bride's Parents, Britt Lumber

Your show was compelling, captivating and truly a marvel. Everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable holiday parties they have ever attended.

Donna Edwards

Administrative Manager, Microsoft

Gene Urban is simply the best magician I’ve ever seen and a good man too. I promise you will not be disappointed when you book him,

Nick Lowery

NFL All Pro, Hall of Fame Player, Nick Lowery Foundation

Gene has been the primary magician/mentalist to my entertainment agency for over 20 years. Gene’s abilities are unmatched. He is one of the most skilled sleight-of hand-artists and mentalists I’ve ever seen and his shows never fail to keep guests awed and mystified. He is an event planner’s dream!

Lou Baskin

President, SRO Entertainment

You have made a believer out of me. I had never used a magician for one of our weddings before, however, the groom was quite insistent we include you;  Now I know why. Your warmth, charm and amazing magic was a fine addition to the evening.


Wedding Planner, Santa Barbara

From one business person to another hiring Gene Urban for a function will be wise investment. Gene performed at our Mangagement Forum and left a lasting impression o. every one. He is the real thing and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to make their event a memorable one.

Marc Calderwood

President, Carson Travel Network/Rio Grande

Amazing Holiday Party Magic Is Not An Ilusion

holiday party magic entertainment

Magic = Fun and Laughter

Let’s Make Holiday Party Magic Happen

So often people describe the holidays as “Magical.” Naturally, it makes sense to have actual magic at your company or private holiday party. Let’s talk about it.

Holiday parties are about many things. Often a celebration of achievements made and hopes for the coming year. It is a time to honor our friends, co-workers, and family. No wonder it is such a magical time.

It is not surprising so many companies have hired master magician Gene Urban for their holiday party. He has had the honor, and he truly feels it is an honor, to perform at hundreds of holiday parties during his career. Firms including Apple, Microsoft, Pulte Homes, Coldwell Banker, BCTel, Lucent Technologies and Siemens know when they want to wow their employees, Gene Urban delivers.

Gene has a few words to say:

christmas party magic


I really love the holidays and adding magic to the mix is like getting a sweet gift. The guests are happy, it’s a real party atmosphere and what I do just makes things rock. My style of magic is a perfect fit. As I stroll among the guests I have them perform amazing tricks they never thought possible. They make coins vanish from their own hand, they read minds and actually change time on another person’s watch. The reactions are priceless and at the end they feel powerful. I think that’s a great way to start off the new year.

Gene offers a variety of performance options.

  • Close Up Magic: Most people want his close-up strolling magic. Close-up magic is where Gene mingles with the guests and performs intimate magic. He travels around the room/s interacting with people for as long as you have him there. As a rule of thumb, he can entertain about 70 guests per hour. Close-up works well during the reception hour and/or near the end of dinner. You’ll find more info and a video clip here. 
  • Table-side Magic: Table side magic is like close up magic only the performance happens while guests are seated. Gene meanders the room and performs his mind-boggling magic.
  • holiday party entertainmentAfter Dinner Show: Gene’s show, Sleights of Mind, is an excellent blend of magic and mentalism. It is an interactive show with guests coming to the stage and being part of the magic. Due to the size of the props and nature of the show, it is available for audiences of 75 or less. Read more about the show here and watch some video clips.  Often companies combine the after dinner show with close up magic.

No doubt your interest is peaked. Therefore, it’s a good time to contact Gene to check for availability and to answer any questions you or your committee have. Just fill out the form below or call Gene directly at 805-729-8459.

Thank you so much for entertaining at our MPI Magical Holiday Gala. You were such a hit! We are most appreciative.

Elayne Byer

Holiday Party Chair, MPI

Your show was compelling, captivating and truly a marvel! Everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable company holiday parties they have ever attended

Donna Edwards

Event Administrator, Microsoft Corporation: Arizona Division

Let's Make Holiday Magic Happen This Year

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