Sleights of Mind Magic Show

Sleights of Mind... a magic show and more

A Magic Show About The Human Brain
magic show for adult parties and corporate events

Sleights of Mind… a magic show staring your group and the brain.

magicican gene urban performing his magic showEvery wonder how magicians make magic happen? Is the magic show all tricks or is some of it real? It may take a magician to answer this question.

For over 2 decades and 13,000+ performances, Gene Urban has been astonishing people with his special style of magic and mentalism. In Sleights of Mind, Gene goes behind the scenes and gives insights in the ways magic fools the human brain. This is a very different magic show… some might say “EduTainment”. 

Slights of Mind, the magic show, is loosly based on the book of the same name written by reknown neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde. It combines astonishing magic, intelligent comedy, brain-teasing mentalism and insights in workings of the human mind. The result is a highly interactive performance where guests join in the fun while learning, laughing and being richly entertained.