Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

Gene Urban Makes Magic Happen

Christmas & Holiday Party Entertainment

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Gene Urban Makes Magic Happen

Magic Makes A Party Rock

People say magic is the most universally popular form of live entertainment for Christmas & Holiday party entertainment and Gene Urban is an extraordinary magician.

Gene connects with people; he makes them laugh; he leaves them amazed and talking. It’s no wonder so many holiday party hosts bring Gene back year after year.

Gene, once you were just a magician, now you are part of the family. Our guests always ask if you’ll be at our holiday party. Thanks for helping make our gatherings so successful.  Bill and Nancy S.

What set’s Gene Urban’s magic and mentalism apart is his approach and ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Gene’s approach to magic is truly different. Instead of Gene doing all the magic, he has your guests seemingly perform much of the magic. They read minds, make coins vanish from their hands and do so many astonishing things. Gene doesn’t need all the attention, he wants your people to feel special and empowered.

It is his attention to the party goers through magic and a warm performance style that makes him the perfect choice for your Christmas or Holiday party.

When it comes to talent, professionalism and class, Gene simply has no peers in his field.
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What Gene Can Do For You

At most Christmas or Holiday parties, Gene performs while strolling among the guests. Whether seated or standing, Gene will join the group and start making magic happen. His magic is contagious and will be the talk of the party for months to come.

Depending on the venue and layout of the room, Gene also offers an intimate stand up show that mixes magic, mind reading and laughter. It is an interactive show where guests are part of the performance.

You were Magic. A 10+. and we will have you back!
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The magic was wonderful! Everybody was dazzled completely.
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Gene Urban…
Exceptional Magic & Mentalism

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What is Close Up Magic?

What is Close Up Magic?

Let's Make Magic Happen

Close-Up Magic is delightful & intriging

Let's Make Magic Happen

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What is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is often called “Magic of the Hands.”  It is an intimate style of magic performed mere inches or feet from you and your guests.

Close-up magic is often performed with playing cards, coins and other common objects.

Close-up magic is considered the most versitile and popular style.  Guest’s love the intimacy and party hosts are thrilled to have entertainment that moves to and around the guests.

Where is Close Up Magic Performed?

Close-up magic happens anywhere guests are standing, sitting, milling, waiting, In your home, at a resort, even on the beach. Gene makes magic happen in front of your eyes.

  • At a recent Gala, Gene strolled among the guests.
  • During an April wedding in Santa Barbara, Gene entertained guest seated at their tables.
  • In Santa Ynez last month, the host had Gene perform from a stationary table where guests came to him.

Close-up magic is versatile, so it can fit what works best for your party or event.

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What Gene Will Do For You

Gene will add moments of wonder and awe to your event.

There is a reason so many party planners and hosts bring Gene in for their special events… Guests love him!

He has a warm performance style and a way with people that is wizardry in itself. Top that with Gene’s incredible magic and you have entertainment that is like a fabulous desert… tasty and delicious.

Wedding Magic

“You made a magical night even more so. Thanks you!”

Ali Magic

“You made my sweet man happy. What a gift you have.”

Close-UP party magic

“Our guests couldn’t stop talking about you”

Magic Castle Fun

“You were a hit with our Magic Castle guests and members”

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Gene Urban

Santa Barbara, CA


Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas That Rock

holiday-party-entertainment-ideas-santa-barbaraBy a show of hands, who is done with mind-numbing conference room holiday parties? Who wants some holiday party entertainment that’s fun? Something, someone your work mates and spouses will love? Don’t go away; we have the answer.

The Big Question??

What entertainment won America’s Got Talent last year? What’s the most popular type of act in Las Vegas? If you said, naked jugglers try again. The answer is, drum roll please, magic.

Digging Deeper into Meaningful Holiday Party Entertainment

holiday party entertainment rocks Santa BarbaraNow let’s look at what a holiday party is all about.

  • Celebrating wonder. That sounds a bit magical.
  • Honoring achievements of the past year. That’s celebrating making impossible things happen, isn’t it?
  • Employees looking forward to the coming year with hope. Magic reminds us that anything is possible.
  • Honoring religious and cultural traditions. Not sure of a great tie-in here, yet 3 out of 4 wins most games hands-down.

Let’s get back to your holiday party entertainment ideas. Obviously, a great magician will be a hit with most all your guests. Why? People love stunning magic. Some people simply love the pure fun, others like to solve riddles, everyone loves to laugh and have fun.

Who is The Answer or is it Another Question?

closeup-magic-10Who should you hire to add magic to your holiday party? Super easy answer… the same guy who people and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, the late Muhammad Ali, The NFL and LOTS more have chosen… Gene Urban.

Why Gene Urban? For one thing, he is an amazing magician. People use words like world class (well, he has performed in 21 countries), mind-boggling, really fun and a super nice guy too. Yes, he’s a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, performed at over 1500 events and will delight your most curious cubemate.

Action Step!

What are you waiting for? Contact Gene Urban today. See if he’s still available to provide holiday party entertainment for your tribe, gaggle, flock or gathering of discerning gawkers. Demand fun and frivolity at this year’s holiday get-together. Use the form or give a shout/text at 805-729-8459.

Hire Gene For Your Holiday Party

Your show was compelling, captivating and truly a marvel! Everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable company holiday parties they have ever attended.

Donna Edwards

Event Administrator, Microsoft

Gene’s performance is everything he promises and more. If your looking for smart, fun, witty and intelligent all rolled into one performer, look no further.

Ruth C

Office Administrator, Q Group

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Amazing Holiday Party Magic Is Not An Ilusion

holiday party magic entertainment

Magic = Fun and Laughter

Let’s Make Holiday Party Magic Happen

So often people describe the holidays as “Magical.” Naturally, it makes sense to have actual magic at your company or private holiday party. Let’s talk about it.

Holiday parties are about many things. Often a celebration of achievements made and hopes for the coming year. It is a time to honor our friends, co-workers, and family. No wonder it is such a magical time.

It is not surprising so many companies have hired master magician Gene Urban for their holiday party. He has had the honor, and he truly feels it is an honor, to perform at hundreds of holiday parties during his career. Firms including Apple, Microsoft, Pulte Homes, Coldwell Banker, BCTel, Lucent Technologies and Siemens know when they want to wow their employees, Gene Urban delivers.

Gene has a few words to say:

christmas party magic


I really love the holidays and adding magic to the mix is like getting a sweet gift. The guests are happy, it’s a real party atmosphere and what I do just makes things rock. My style of magic is a perfect fit. As I stroll among the guests I have them perform amazing tricks they never thought possible. They make coins vanish from their own hand, they read minds and actually change time on another person’s watch. The reactions are priceless and at the end they feel powerful. I think that’s a great way to start off the new year.

Gene offers a variety of performance options.

  • Close Up Magic: Most people want his close-up strolling magic. Close-up magic is where Gene mingles with the guests and performs intimate magic. He travels around the room/s interacting with people for as long as you have him there. As a rule of thumb, he can entertain about 70 guests per hour. Close-up works well during the reception hour and/or near the end of dinner. You’ll find more info and a video clip here. 
  • Table-side Magic: Table side magic is like close up magic only the performance happens while guests are seated. Gene meanders the room and performs his mind-boggling magic.
  • holiday party entertainmentAfter Dinner Show: Gene’s show, Sleights of Mind, is an excellent blend of magic and mentalism. It is an interactive show with guests coming to the stage and being part of the magic. Due to the size of the props and nature of the show, it is available for audiences of 75 or less. Read more about the show here and watch some video clips.  Often companies combine the after dinner show with close up magic.

No doubt your interest is peaked. Therefore, it’s a good time to contact Gene to check for availability and to answer any questions you or your committee have. Just fill out the form below or call Gene directly at 805-729-8459.

Thank you so much for entertaining at our MPI Magical Holiday Gala. You were such a hit! We are most appreciative.

Elayne Byer

Holiday Party Chair, MPI

Your show was compelling, captivating and truly a marvel! Everyone agreed it was one of the most memorable company holiday parties they have ever attended

Donna Edwards

Event Administrator, Microsoft Corporation: Arizona Division

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