Productive Illusions Success Seminar

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Productive Illusions… a success seminar

What is a productive illusion? As a professional magician I work in the world of illusion and have discovered success, or lack thereof, is greatly influenced by of our beliefs or as I like to say… our illusions. Let’s explore this concept a bit more.

“Productive” is an easy concept, however, “illusions” are a bit more tricky. Illusions are our interpretation of life events. They are neither right or wrong, simply our belief of what is true.

Productive Illusions are ideas, thoughts, beliefs that support our greatness. They are purposeful thoughts adopted to achieve a desired outcome.

In our success seminar, master magician Gene Urban helps attendees discover many things including:

  • Beliefs are the result of how we learned to interpret events and facts.
  • Some beliefs hold us back from achieving our goals and potential.
  • You can re-frame non-productive beliefs resulting in greater success.

I want to work with your staff.  The result will be more empowered people helping both you and them achieve greater success.

Gene Urban

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From one business person to another, considering Gene Urban for a company function or forum will be a wise investment.

Marc Calderwood

President, Carlson Travel, Rio Grande

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Let's Make Magic Happen

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Customer Service Training Magic

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customer service training magicCustomer Service Training Magic

What’s the difference between a great magician and a skilled customer service representative. Not much! Both are often asked to do the impossible.

Gene Urban has a passion for outstanding customer service. He says it has a lot to do with his days performing at a 5 star resort where his manager was the former food and beverage director at the White House.

“At the Arizona Biltmore, great customer service was the minimum acceptable standard… from there we learned how to be remarkable.”

Gene blends world-class magic with core customer service principles. The result is customer service training that delivers on many levels.

Cavett Roberts, the founder of the National Speakers Association, told Gene his talks were so well received because the magic adds fun to the experience. Gene’s customer service training program includes fun with the learning. There is a reason a magician won America’s Got Talent in 2014… people love magic. As a world-class magician himself, Gene’s magic will engage your group; As a student customer service excellence, Gene will help your team expand their potential.

We’d love to hear from you and see how Gene Urban’s customer service training can help you reach your goals. Let’s magic magic happen.

Gene Urban

let’s make magic happen

My host for the meeting was highly impressed with your presentation and iit was exactly what he was looking for. You delivered the perfect message with a twist of magic.

Colleen Fontanella

Event Manager, Parke-Davis

Your innovative and entertaining way of sending a message to our Schein Canada group made a tremendous impact.

Virginia Santiago

General Manager, Schein Pharmaceutical Canada

We look forward to talking with you about your goals and objectives.