Magic Castle Cabaret News & Update – November 2018

Magic Castle Cabaret News & Update – November 2018

Magic Castle Cabaret News & Update

November 2018

Gene Urban
Santa Barbara based magician and Magic Castle performer

 Magic Castle Cabaret
News and Updates

Are you looking for the latest Magic Castle Cabaret news & updates? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I visited the Magic Castle Cabaret this week and talked to Arlene Larson about what’s happening.

Below is the latest news about this amazing addition to the Santa Barbara area.


I am always impressed with Arlene Larson’s positive and upbeat attitude. As you may have read in a previous article, the Magic Castle Cabaret is temporarily closed as the Larson’s work with the City of Santa Barbara to meet some building requirements. Nothing serious, yet the hoops and paperwork can be daunting.

They will be meeting with some officials in early November to learn more and complete the final requirements. Since they have not met yet, I can not give you a timeline of when the place will reopen. I can tell you it will be worth the wait.


The organ pictured to the left is one of many sweet items that adorn the Cabaret and add to the amazing ambiance of the place. 

Magic Castle Cabaret News & Updates  November 2018

The construction crew is very busy these days. Members and guests are sure to appreciate all their hard work including:

  • They are busy building out the show room, refinishing the wood floors, hanging frilly wall paper, building custom booths and adding lots of fun items to make it spectacular.
  • The Cabaret will have a special gift shop too. Arlene combed through pictures of European castles and mansions to get ideas for the space. I can only say it is looking fine!
  • Milt has been collecting chotskies from various Hollywood movie sets for years. The gang is adding these items to the place giving more fun things to enjoy.
  • After the gang finishes more interior work they will complete the new patio.
  • Members received their new membership cards this past week too.

FYI: Arlene has been getting lots of inquiries about booking the Cabaret for private events. She can’t do much until they re-open, but keep it in mind for 2019.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Magic Castle Cabaret News & Updates article. I am anxious for the place to reopen so we can start making even more magic happen in Santa Barbara.

If you have questions about membership information, please call 805-845-0555.

Best to you,

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Santa Barbara Magic Castle Cabaret Update 9-12-2018

Santa Barbara Magic Castle Cabaret Update 9-12-2018

Magic Castle Cabaret Update

September 2018

Gene Urban
Santa Barbara based magician and Magic Castle performer
In late August and early September, Milt and Arlene Larson hosted four nights of magic at the new Magic Castle Cabaret

Members were treated to lots of magic and fun. Gene Urban provided the early evening magic and magicians Adam Wylie & Shawn McMasters from LA’s Magic Castle performed from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

The feedback from guests was great. They loved the magic and were intrigued by the stunning decor that captivated the senses and provided an amazing backdrop for conversations and fabulous magic.

“The decor is funky and fun… based on a fictional Palace of Gold in northern Spain where a Count and Countess entertained magicians”
Montecito Journal

NEWS & UPDATE – October 2018 — The Magic Castle Cabaret will be closed for a couple months. The City of Santa Barbara has some additional requirements the Larson’s need to take care of before they will receive that final occupancy documents. For those who’ve opened a business in Santa Barbara, you know how it goes.

Arlene, the ultimate optimist, says…

We welcome this chance to finish our decorations & gimmickry work and catch our breath.

The Larson’s are not just waiting for the City to do their thing. They are working daily to add lots of wonderful features to the Cabaret. I met with Arlene the other day and boy is she having fun. Those who were there for the soft openings will be even more wowed by all the new elements that will be in place with they reopen. Exciting!!

For membership and other information, call 805-845-0555

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