What is Close Up Magic?

What is Close Up Magic?

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What is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is often called “Magic of the Hands.”  It is an intimate style of magic performed mere inches or feet from you and your guests.

Close-up magic is often performed with playing cards, coins and other common objects.

Close-up magic is considered the most versitile and popular style.  Guest’s love the intimacy and party hosts are thrilled to have entertainment that moves to and around the guests.

Where is Close Up Magic Performed?

Close-up magic happens anywhere guests are standing, sitting, milling, waiting, In your home, at a resort, even on the beach. Gene makes magic happen in front of your eyes.

  • At a recent Gala, Gene strolled among the guests.
  • During an April wedding in Santa Barbara, Gene entertained guest seated at their tables.
  • In Santa Ynez last month, the host had Gene perform from a stationary table where guests came to him.

Close-up magic is versatile, so it can fit what works best for your party or event.

Our Specialties

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What Gene Will Do For You

Gene will add moments of wonder and awe to your event.

There is a reason so many party planners and hosts bring Gene in for their special events… Guests love him!

He has a warm performance style and a way with people that is wizardry in itself. Top that with Gene’s incredible magic and you have entertainment that is like a fabulous desert… tasty and delicious.

Wedding Magic

“You made a magical night even more so. Thanks you!”

Ali Magic

“You made my sweet man happy. What a gift you have.”

Close-UP party magic

“Our guests couldn’t stop talking about you”

Magic Castle Fun

“You were a hit with our Magic Castle guests and members”

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Top Things Guests Remember About a Wedding or Not

Top Things Guests Remember About a Wedding or Not

Things Guests Remember
About a Wedding… the good and not so…

Things Guests Remember About a WeddingWhat are the things guests remember about a wedding? The answers may help you plan a memorable, fun wedding versus spending time and money on fluff neither you nor your guests really care about.

In preparing this article, I read through dozens of wedding websites and literally hundreds of comments and threads. The results were remarkably consistent.

Top Things Guest Remember About A Wedding

  • Entertainment was the most common memory. Did they have fun dancing? Was the music mix right? Was the show interactive? (Read More About Entertainment Below)
  • Food came in second to entertainment. There were several thoughts about food.
    • If it was a hot dish, they remembered if it was cold. Not a good memory, though.
    • Was there enough food? Sad recollections if they were left hungry.
    • Many wished light appetizers had been served later in the evening. Dancing burns calories and food absorbs alcohol.
  • Free alcohol was a big plus. If not free all night, it was important they knew so they brought some money.
  • Temperature and comfort were important. Several people’s biggest memory was about being cold. If having an outdoor wedding and it might be cold, plan for lots of heaters.
  • Did the bride and groom truly look happy? The happiness of the newlyweds was vital to many commenters. If the bride was stressed out by wedding reception details, it bothered people. The overall dialog suggested the couple should have focused on family, friends and the moment versus if the cake or flowers were perfect. Most felt too many beautiful moments were lost to unimportant things.
  • Acknowledging the wedding gift was significant. More accurately, not recognizing the gift via a note or email left people feeling unappreciated. 

What People Did Not Care About

  • Top Things Guests Remember About a Wedding or NotCenterpieces did not leave lasting memories unless they were big, making it difficult to see or talk across the table.
    Both men and women felt flowers were mostly a waste of money. Simple, sweet arrangements were appreciated. Several felt the money would have been better spent on fun.
  • Linens were on the bottom of the list for nearly all respondents.
  • Guest gifts were not important to most all those who left comments. Most felt it was unnecessary as they came to celebrate the newlyweds. 

Things Guests Remember About at a Wedding – Important Take-A-Ways

Entertainment was by far the most memorable part of a wedding. I wasn’t surprised. I’ve performed magic at hundreds of wedding receptions and parties. Clients consistently say I was the hit of the party. Well delivered live entertainment brings energy, interaction and fun to the party.

Top Things Guests Remember About a Wedding 2Having an engaging DJ who knows the right music mix and interaction was a huge plus.

NOTE: Since I mingle among the guests, I hear things. Non-dancing guests hate it when the music is too loud to talk. The most common solution is to leave early.

Food is vital, yet it didn’t matter to most if it was fancy or gourmet. Hot meals not being hot was a common complaint as was not getting enough to feel full. Long buffet lines were another one in the minus category.

When I perform magic at a wedding reception, I always take the time to entertain people waiting in line. Magic helps make a potentially boring time into a great one. If you don’t have someone doing what I do, then I’d suggest you (the newlyweds) hang out with people waiting in line. 

Naturally, a hosted bar is appreciated. Many understood it can be expensive and mostly cared that they knew, in advance, if they’d need to bring cash.

All in all, having fun outweighed clever decor ideas by a long shot. Most want to celebrate and have fun with you and your friends.

I hope this article was helpful. If you are thinking of adding special interactive entertainment to your special day, I’d love to come and help make magic happen. It is why I am on the planet. 

Gene Urban… magic maker



Wedding Magician – Wedding Reception Entertainer

wedding reception entertainerWedding Reception Entertainer –
Magician Gene Urban

Before we begin… congrats on the upcoming wedding; it’s a very special time. It’s delightful to see your thinking out of the box and exploring magic as part of your wedding reception entertainer ideas.

Performing magic is Gene’s full-time passion. It’s taken him to 21 countries, countless parties and hopefully your wedding reception. Let’s explore why Gene’s close up magic works so well at wedding receptions and a bit about what he does.

Dear Gene. We can’t say enough about what you added to our daughter’s wedding. We didn’t know how to fill the time between the wedding and reception and you were simply amazing. Our friends can’t stop talking about you and we can’t wait to have another party so we can bring you back.  Bob & Shari B.  [usrlist “Magical Abilities:5” “Easy to work with:5”]

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What does wedding magic look like?

wedding magicianAs a wedding reception entertainer, Gene performs close up (aka strolling) magic and mentalism during your party. It is the perfect fit since it’s both mobile and intimate. Gene strolls among your guests, standing or seated, and simply astounds them.

His magic is something special. Most magicians do all the tricks, take the bows and get the credit. When Gene performs, your guess actually do many of the tricks and they become the stars The result is your besties have a great time and some impossible stories to share. 

You have made a believer out of me. I had never used a magician for one of our weddings before, however, the groom was quite insistent we include you;  Now I know why. Your warmth, charm and amazing magic was a fine addition to the evening.  Donna P, Wedding Planner Santa Barbara, CA  [usrlist “Performance:5” “Flexible:5”]

Where and when do you perform?

As your wedding reception entertainer, there are several times Gene’s magic makes a difference. Let’s take a look,,,

wedding reception entertainer Santa Barbara Montecito Ventura CARight After the Wedding Ceremony: The bride and groom have lots of details to attend to following the ceremony and before the reception. Signing the license, taking family pictures and more. This is the perfect time to have Gene Urban stroll among the guests while they are waiting. The magic serves not only as entertainment, it is the ultimate ice breaker. As he moves among the guests he gets them to interact and share introductions. Gene likes to ask questions about how guests know the bride and groom while he performing. The result is they have fun and get to know more about each other. 

closeup-magic-10Before and During Dinner: As the newlyweds, you will do your best to go to each table and talk with everyone. That takes time. Gene helps by keeping an eye on your progress and entertaining guests you have not gotten too yet. You might say he plays the role of a magical host whose job is to spread some magic and fill in the blanks.

If you are having a buffet style dinner, Gene will entertain people as they stand in line and additionally entertain friends who finish eating early and are waiting for the next event such as the garter throw, toasts and cake cutting.

wedding magicDuring the Dancing Part of the Evening: A lot of people have a band or DJ come on after dinner. It’s a fantastic time for people to get up and dance. But what about the ones who don’t like to dance? Gene helps take care of these people.

Gene, you rock! . Our parents thought we were nuts when we said we hired a magician but afterwards they couldn’t say enough nice things about you. Thanks so much for making our day even more magical.  Steve and Teri B.  [usrlist “Magic:5” “Guest Feedback:5”]

Hope this has helped you better understand what wedding reception entertainer Gene Urban can add to your party. Gene is often booked months in advance so contact him now and have him put a hold on for your date.

Below is a video of Gene performing close-up magic. 


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