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Corporate Entertainment in Goleta

Are you planning a corporate event and looking for the best corporate entertainment in Goleta? You probably want something most everyone will enjoy and remember. Perhaps something exciting, entertaining and unexpected. We have a fantastic solution.

Fabulous Corporate Entertainment in Goleta Is Magic

corporate entertainment in goletaOne form of corporate entertainment is proven to be loved by attendees and guest is magic and Goleta has an award winning corporate oriented magician ready to make magic happen at your event.

His name is Gene Urban. You may not know him as he spent much of career based in Scottsdale Arizona. After attending UCSB, Gene always wanted to come back to the area. Two years ago that happened, giving the central coast a local, seasoned corporate oriented entertainer.

Gene specializes in magic and mentalism at business and other adult-focused functions. His work has taken him to 22 countries and events for many top companies including:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Siemens
  • HP
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Pfizer and so many others

What Type of Corporate Entertainment in Goleta Does Gene Urban Offer?

Gene offers a variety of entertainment and speaking options for your specific needs. Below are a few:

Close-Up or Strolling Magic. Gene is a performing member of the Magic Castle. His close-up magic is described as “unbelievable,” “scary good,” “the best I have ever seen,” and “warm and engaging.” He combines appealing magic and mind-reading in a special way. In his show, guests are often the ones seemingly performing the miracles. They feel great being the stars and this is why Gene calls his style, empowerment magic. Read more close-up magic here.

Motivational Stage Magic. Gene has an exceptional reputation for blending magic and mind-ready with powerful messages. Compelling entertainment is about creating connections and engagement, the very things successful managers and sales associates must do.

Gene will custom script his presentation to address areas you feel will benefit your staff and management. Since the performance includes stunning magic, your people will be entertained and taught valuable information. Gene calls it EnterTrainment.

presentation skills training at LMU

Gene Urban teaching at LMU.

Presentation Skills Training: It is likely you are surprised to see this category of EnterTrainment. Don’t be. For much of Gene’s career, he worked as a trade show presenter. Companies including Leucent Technologies, Southern Bell Corporation, Black & Decker and others have called on Gene to be the face of their businesses at trade shows and product launches.

Gene has delivered nearly 10,000 messages at hundreds of trade shows and events. Gene is a seasoned presenter with skills few can match. His presentation skills training will take your people to new heights of performance. Read more about it here.

How Do I Hire Gene Urban For My Event?

Call Gene Urban at 805-729-8429 to discuss your event and needs or use the form below. He will talk to you about your goals and help create a program to match. Simply stated, he wants to make magic happen for you.

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