It Is Easier Than You Think


  • The Right Music

  • Tasty, Plentiful Food

  • Something Surprising!!!

The Music Is Easy.

So Is The Food.

What will surprise and delight your guests?

Magic is Astounding

Magic Makes People Smile

Magic Makes A Party Fun

Gene Is A Performing Member of The Magic Castle

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The Answer Is Easy… it’s Simply Magical

People love, close up magic and mentalism. It is why so many magicians and mentalists are in the finals of America’s Got Talent and why the Magic Castle in Hollywood is packed every night of the week and the most sought after invitation in LA.

Luckily for you, one of the Magic Castle’s popular magicians and mentalists lives here in Santa Barbara. He has even been invited to perform on ACT… sadly he was touring in Thailand at the time and had to say no.

Gene Urban is the performer and he is ready to help make your holiday party a hit. His interactive magic will have your guests laughing, in awe and providing moments they will talk about for months to come.

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