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Learning how to effectively communicate a message is a make it or break it skill in today’s business world. Programs like TedTalk have raised the bar as well as audience expectations. It is no wonder learning how to be a powerful speaker is on many business professionals bucket list. 

About Your Presentation Skills Training Teacher

Gene Urban has an interesting background that combines to make him an excellent presentation skills trainer and coach. Gene worked in sales and marketing for many years while at the same time performing magic.

presentation skills trainingAt one point his careers collided and Gene became a professional trade show presenter in a new field called InfoTainment. Companies including Lucent Technologies, Nokia, Black & Decker, Pfizer, and others started hiring Gene to present their message at product launches and trade show events across the planet.

Your ability to convey our key marketing messages and product information to audiences has been tremendous. I am impressed with your knowledge of our company and the overall industry, particularly as it is of a technical nature.

We have received excellent customer and prospect feedback, regarding not only the entertainment value of your magic but the informative content which you also provide.
Lucent Technologies

great-speaking-trainingWhat Makes An Effective Speaker?

Becoming a compelling speaker isn’t rocket science. The problem is few people have been taught the things that really matter. To me, it is about connecting with your audience. Studies show the most effective product/service/brand messages are about 80% “how it is said” and 20% “what is said.”

What Does Gene Teach?

Simply stated, Gene passes on ideas and skills that can only be learned by delivering over 10,000 presentations. Along the path, Gene studied theater with Broadway acting coaches, dug deep into the psychology of performance/connection and honed his craft. Let’s hear from Gene:

I have found that no two training sessions are alike. I’ve never liked the “one-size-fits-all” approach. I prefer to take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of those I work with. Some people have moderate to extreme fears. We need to deal with that before we can help them become great speakers.

Much of what I teach focuses on better ways to connect with your audience. If you can’t plug into your listeners, your message won’t be heard. I like to say, “your heart tells the truth people will hear.”

Gene has a remarkable ability to connect with any audience, captivate their attention, and solidify his teaching through the channel of magic. I would strongly encourage anyone to promote or attend an event where Gene is present. 
Paul Orfalea – Founder of Kinko’s.

What Is Different About What Gene Urban?

Gene brings something few others can to his sessions, Magic. He uses magic as a tool to teach methods and psychology. The result is a fun, connected approach that makes the learning enjoyable and compelling. Take a look at the feedback from a recent class Gene taught at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

presentation skills training at LMU

        Gene Urban with his students at LMU.

Eric and I wanted to thank you for leading such a captivating and “magical” session yesterday in our Creative Brand Management course! It was terrifically engaging on so many fronts, from your feedback on the teams’ GTM presentations to linking their content to the magic of marketing,

In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever taught a session in which the students did not to leave or want it to end. They didn’t even want to take the 5-minute break!
Andrew Rohm, M-School at LMU

How Do We Get Started?

Working with Gene starts with a conversation. Just use the form on this page or give him a call at 805-729-8459. He is available for one-on-one or group presentation skills training. Together you and Gene will create a success plan that will give you and/or your team a powerful edge. 

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