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Planning a 60th birthday party is both fun and a LOT of work.  Lots of people look online for 60th birthday party ideas. There is a lot of info out there to help you plan a great milestone birthday celebration.

As a professional magician for over 3 decades I’ve been to a lot of parties… some extravagant and some very sweet and simple. I’ve seen a variety of 60 birthday party ideas brought together to make the affair special.

Magic Helps Make A Party Memorable

I had the honor to perform at the 50th birthday event for Luciano Pavorotti.  It was a stellar celebration held at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Heck it was Pavarotti! Other parties like hotelier Wm. Marriot’s birthday event was a smaller gathering of mostly family. He deeply loves his clan. Most of the time the parties are as woderous as budget, venue and time allow.

60th birthday party ideas list

             Some parties are sweet and casual

Below are a few 60th birthday party ideas that seem to work well for most any party.

Slideshow pictures of the birthday person.  Some people project this on a big screen during the end of the entre portion of dinner while others have it set up to show on their wide screen TV where people can look at their leisure.

A graffiti wall where guests can write well-wishes is fun. Usually this is done by putting thick white paper on a wall and having a variety of colored pens laid out. Make sure the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper.

50th birthday party magic

Gene helping a man enjoy his day.

Entertainment helps bond the party. Naturally, I think close-up magic is among the best. It is one of the few types of entertainment that is mobile, interactive and ties into the magical moment of a milestone birthday. Music is also great. I’ve been to Jimmy Buffet themed parties, Jazz parties and one with a portion of the New York Philharmonic. I’d caution against loud music throughout the party. It simply makes conversation difficult and can impact the intimacy of such a significant gathering.

Pictures are important. A professional photographer can be lots of fun and   guaranty special friends and moments are captured. Make sure the photographer makes the pictures available to guests online after the party. You can also ask guests to upload their peronal shots to a Pinterest board, Instagram or share them on Facebook. A custom hashtag will help you find the photos after the party. Have your kids help, they better understand the online world than most adults.

Some Parties Are Amazing Productions

        Some Parties Are Amazing Productions

Huffington Post had a great article by a New York based event planner. Lots of food for thought from party guru Maya Kalamn here.

I sincerely hope this post has given you some food for thought as you search out great 60th birthday party ideas. If you’d like to add magic to your party, I’d be honored. I am based in Santa Barbara, CA and happy to travel where you need.

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