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goal without plan is just wishTrade Show Magician Makes Magic Happen

The goals when attending a trade show are simple.

  1. Attract the largest audience possible.
  2. Professionally deliver your message.
  3. Deepen brand/product awareness.
  4. Bring home as many qualified leads as possible.

This is precisely what trade show magician Gene Urban has been doing for over 2 decades.

What is a Trade Show Magician?

If you have attended a number of trade show events you have probably viewed a magician at someone’s booth. This performer may have been a true trade show magician or a magician simply performing tricks in a booth. There is a big difference.

Sales Lead 3D cube Word Cloud ConceptA skilled trade show magician has probably held jobs in sales and/or marketing while honing his magic skills. A true trade show magician understands terms such as:

  • Benefit Analysis
  • Brand Awareness
  • Buying Signals
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Lead Gen
  • Lead Qualification
  • Positioning Statement
  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

An effective trade show magician understands he or she is part of your sales and marketing team. His job is…

  • Accurately deliver product and company information.
  • Consciously represent the company’s brand to the public.
  • Deepen brand/product awareness.
  • Draw every possible attendee to the client’s booth.
  • Help capture as many qualified leads as possible.
  • Help the staff identify potential clients.
  • Insure guests leave the booth having had a great experience.

You may have noticed nothing was mentioned about magic. A great trade show magician uses magic as a tool or vehicle to help clients achieve their trade show goals. The fact is, magic has proven to be one of the best ways to make trade show success happen.

Read what a few experts say:

One thing that really draws a crowd is a crowd. If you want to build a small crowd that grows larger, consider hiring a magician for your booth and see how magic works on people. It is irresistible. The Trade Show Advisor

Live demonstrations and entertainment are the most effective methods for attracting booth visitors in an exhibition hall. Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

What Sets Trade Show Magician Gene Urban Apart.

Gene Urban brings a significant sales and marketing background to the trade show floor while utilizing exceptional magic and mentalism to make the experience special.

What does this statement really mean? Gene Urban walks his talk… literally.

  1. He worked his way up the ladder from sales associate to V.P of Sales at two companies.
  2. He was the C.O.O of an ad agency.
  3. He has been a sales trainer in both the tech and real estate sectors.
  4. He currently consults with several firms on online marketing and lead conversion.

The magic side of the trade show magician equation:

  • Gene has performed at well over 1500 corporate events in 21 countries.
  • Gene has performed close to 10,000 shows in over 100 client booths. Experience matters.
  • He is a performing member of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, CA.
  • He is an author and teacher to others in the magic industry.
  • His warm, personal performance style never feels canned and always generates trust and interest.

What Kind of Trade Show Magic Is Best with Gene Urban?

Gene is able to perform in a variety of formats. Often he draws crowds from behind a small table or podium catching the attention of attendees who normally might not stop at a small booth. In addition, he combines magic and messaging in theater style venues within large trade show booths.

Today, his favorite style is providing trade show magic at smaller regional or local shows where magicians are a rarity and clients strongly benefit from his work.

trade show magician Gene UrbanAre you looking to…

  • Draw more people to your booth?
  • Create deeper brand awareness?
  • Gather more qualified leads?
  • Stand out from other exhibitors and your competitors?

The next step to greater trade show success is simple. Contact Gene Urban today and see how he can help you achieve your trade show goals. Simply use the form provided or call us at 805-729-8459

The high level of expertise you demonstrated in both your magic presentation and
knowledge of our products was pretty amazing!
I am very pleased with the attention you attracted to our booth and the effortless way
in which you steered prospects toward our sales personnel. Your attitude was an
excellent reflection of the professional yet friendly spirit of the Gans Ink & Supply
Michelle Severance

Marketing Manager, Gans Ink and Supply

Well, you were a hit! Everyone, including senior management, felt you were
an excellent magician and that you worked the crowds well. In fact, our leads
increased at this show by 35%!
Ruth Siegel

MARCOM, Hypercom, Inc

The new technology of the Axxess Precision Key Duplication System, coupled
with your incredible talent for drawing qualified prospects into our booth, made
for one of the most successful Trade Shows I have ever been involved in. Our
success was even beyond our wildest expectations!

My thanks and my compliments, for holding us and our prospective customers, in
the palms of your very skillful hands ! You can consider yourself the” Axxess
Staff Prestidigitator” at the upcoming Hardware Show in August and any other
future Trade Shows we will be participating in.

Ray Duane

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Axxess Technologies, A Hillman Group Company

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