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Wedding Reception Magic…

wedding-magic-beachThe Best Wedding Entertainment Ever!!

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I hope the planning process isn’t stressing you out too much. There are so many details!

Most likely you are here to learn more ways to make your wedding day extra special, fun and memorable. Well, you are at the right place. Gene Urban adds magic to a celebration and helps you solve a lot of wedding party concerns and problems.

Most brides and grooms (mostly brides) worry about the details of the wedding and reception party:

  • What if it rains?
  • Will I trip walking down the aisle?
  • Will the guests get along?
  • Will people have a good time?
  • Will everything look as good as I imagined?

Although Gene hasn’t figured out how to stop rain, when he says “Let’s Make Magic Happen at your Reception”, he means it. Often seen at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Gene’s special take on magic will help make your wedding reception even more memorable, fun and a day your friends will talk about for years. 

How Does Gene Make Wedding Reception Magic Happen? 

  • You know that boring time when everyone is waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception? Check that off your list.

    • From the very beginning of your party, your friends will be laughing and having fun. Gene strolls among your guest stunning them with impossible magic and mindreading. All the while, Gene will be helping people get to know each other and setting the tone for a great evening to come.
  • Many couples worry if the various guests and family members with interact. That problem has vanished.
    • Gene is a professional ice breaker and magic makes it happen. He’s not shy about getting people involved. His magic is interactive and he’s great at making introductions and getting people to know each other. His amazing magic is a fantastic conversation starter too.
  • It’s hard for the bride and groom to spend enough time with all the guests. Don’t worry, you have a trick up your sleeve.

    • Gene’s intimate style of magic ensures all your guests will feel well taken care of until you have time to sit with them.
  • What do you do for the people who don’t dance? You don’t want them leaving early, do you? Not a problem with Gene at your wedding reception.
    • Gene will keep a keen eye on your friends and family. The 1000’s of successful shows has made him a pro at this. He’ll visit with the non-dancers, encourage them to stretch their comfort zones and enjoy a dance or entertain them with killer magic and mind-reading. Either way, they won’t feel left out and they will have a memorable time at your party.

What is the Next Step?

So glad you asked, it’s very simple. Fill out the form letting Gene know the date of your wedding, your phone number or email and he’ll get right back with you. If you rather call, his number is 805-729-8459.

As you can imagine, Gene keeps busy. Fill out the contact for now so he can reserve your special day and help make wedding reception magic happen for you.

Dear Gene. We can’t say enough about what you added to our daughter’s wedding. We didn’t know how to fill the time between the wedding and reception and you were simply amazing.

Our friends can’t stop talking about you and we can’t wait to have another party so we can bring you back.

Bob and Shari Britt

Parents of the Bride

I am excited to hear from you! Let's Make Magic Happen at Your Wedding.

5 + 13 =

We would like to thank and recommend Gene Urban as an entertainer for any event. He performed at our wedding and was wonderful beyond our expectations. A definite plus for our wedding.

We highly recommend him!

Chad Lakridis

Groom, now husband, Private Wedding Client

Okay Gene… we want to know how the spoon got twisted and how Terri’s mom’s ring ended up in your wallet. Not to mention those amazing card tricks.

You were so much more than “a magician” and we want to thank you for helping make our day even more amazing!

Steve and Terri

Bride and Groom