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event planner secret weaponEvent planners and party hosts look for ways to ensure they have a fantastic and memorable party. Professionals know specific elements that add up to an incredible gathering. Let’s take a look at 6 ways to help make your event a success.

  1. Tasty Food and Drink
  2. The Right Mix of People
  3. Music People Like
  4. Interactive Entertainment
  5. Something to Help Guests Connect
  6. Surprises

An Excellent Way to Make Your Party Great

party planing secretsGene Urban is the choice for many top party and event planners since his mind-blowing magic takes care of so many party essentials. While he can’t do much about the food, drinks, and mix of people, he does bring many other things that definitely make a party successful.

Dear Gene,
Your presentation for Court’s birthday was perfect! We are grateful for your talent and your wonderåll presence with the group. Everyone was in awe of your professional skill and the thank you notes included rave reviews! The interactive participation of everyone was such fun. It must be satisfying to bring such joy to others – Pat & Court

Interactive Entertainment: Gene is a seasoned entertainer who performs his magic while strolling among your guests. It is called close-up magic and it is the best. He is gracious and an excellent magician. As he moves about your party, Gene adds moments of magic and mindreading that engage your friends and helps make them feel special. Many event planners call him their secret weapon for success.

Surprises: Great events often include a few surprises. The unexpected adds so much to a party. Gene Urban’s magic is a great example of something that adds unforeseen fun. This is particularly the case since Gene’s magic is so amazing. Even those who have seen a magician are astonished by what they experience. Less than 1% of the performing magicians in the US are selected to perform at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Gene is a member of that 1% club for a reason, people love his magic and mindreading.

Something to Help Guests Connect: Gene is the perfect magical host. He works hard to include as many guests as possible in the magic. In the end, strangers become friends, and the party is made better.

Gene with Nick & Ali

Gene with Nick & Ali

“The Most Magical Magician is Gene Urban…if you ever want to experience the finest magic CLOSE UP, hire Gene!”
— Nick Lowery – NFL Hall of Fame Member , Nick Lowery Foundation

Is My Party Right For Gene?

Gene is principally an adult performer. Although he has some magic for younger people who may be at your party, he does not perform at children’s parties. He is the perfect choice for:

Guest Love Gene's MagicHow Do I Hire Gene Urban for My Party?

You can contact Gene by phone, email or by using the form below. He will talk to you about your party and suggest ways he can help ensure it is a great success. Phone: 805-729-8459 Email:




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