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Live Entertainment and Covid19 – How to Host A Party?

How do you host a party during Covid19 that is safe and fun? This question has come up a lot for those of us who perform.

As a “close-up” magician, I’ve had a lot of discussions with friends and clients about “safe entertainment” and entertaining during the Coronavirus. Let me share some of the solutions and ideas that have come up.

Can You Host A Safe Party During Covid19?

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How Do I Approach Performing at a
Party or Event?

I recently performed at a small family gathering, 18 people. Each of the 3 family groups had been isolating and they felt safe with each other. This is not always the case.
From my standpoint, I wanted to create a safe environment for all concerned, me included. So, how did we do that?

The Setup:

  • I cleaned all my props and sanitized them.
  • I used a new deck of cards that I opened in front of the guests.
  • I set up and performed from a table that was 6’ in front of the first row of guests.
  • All of us wore masks… including the kids.
  • I passed around a bottle of spray sanitizer and we all did our hands.
  • I checked with all the guests to make sure they felt safe and comfortable. There were no objections, yet if there had been we, as a group, would have worked to resolve them.

The Show:

If you have ever been to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, you have likely been to the Close Up room and Parlor Theater. I adopted a modified approach to this time-tested performance style.

I work from a table without any guest seated with me. I can bring someone up to shuffle the deck, choose a card, inspect coins. When the guest comes up, I simply scoot back a few feet to keep things safe.

The Magic:

I am fortunate to have performed at 1000’s of events and under a lot of circumstances, most recently during Covid19. This gives me options.

Much of the magic does not require spectators to touch things. Where it is necessary, I have sanitized the item. Since we all use sanitizer prior to beginning the show, things should be as rather safe.

The show is highly interactive, even without the usual contact. Guests will read each other’s minds, make objects travel in time, and lots of other impossible things. This is what differentiates my magic from most others…

Guests perform much of the magic versus the magician doing everything.

Conclusions About How To Host a Covid Safe Party.

During the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about how the Covid19 virus is transmitted. Most experts agree that if we take precautions, we can keep ourselves and others out of harm’s way.

As a performer, I am dedicated to maintaining my personal health as well as my audiences. Together, we can create magic on many levels and have some fun in the process.


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