I am often asked who I recommend if I am already booked for an event on the date you are hosting your party. There are a number of strong magicians and many more who are more hobbyist than professional. Below are a few of the people I recommend.


  • Patrick Holcombe is an affable man and good magician. He performs some unusual magic that guests like and treats guests very nicely while dazzling them with his legerdemain. He can be reached at http://patrickholcombe.com/ or 602-625-8790.
  • Brett Barry performs mentalism versus magic. If you are interested in that style of performance, he is a good choice. http://www.phoenixmentalist.com/

Las Vegas:

Robb Weinstock is my go to magician in Las Vegas. He is an award winning magician who is also a heartfelt performer. Your guests will love him. http://www.robbweinstock.com/home.html